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Morning Safari at Sunrise

Type tour: Group tour
Age range: 1 - 65 ages
Language: English
Free cancellation: Yes
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  • Experience a breathtaking sunrise in the desert.
  • Enjoy a private car for your group of up to 6 people.
  • Option to add Razor brand four-wheel drive bicycles (RZR) at an additional cost.
  • Children under two years old can join for free.
  • Children aged 2-10 years have a discounted price of 120 dirhams.

About tour

The Morning Safari at Sunrise is an extraordinary desert adventure that begins at 5:00 in the morning, offering flexibility in terms of timing. This allows you to witness the captivating beauty of the desert as the sun gracefully rises over the horizon. ;To ensure a comfortable and personalized experience, the safari provides a private car exclusively for your group. The car can accommodate up to 6 people, making it ideal for families, friends, or small groups. ;For those seeking an extra thrill, all packages offer the option to include Razor brand four-wheel drive bicycles (RZR) at an additional cost. These bicycles enable you to explore the desert dunes in a thrilling and adventurous way, adding an exciting dimension to your safari experience. ;Families with young children are warmly welcomed on the Morning Safari at Sunrise. Children under two years old can join the safari free of charge, while children aged 2-10 years can participate at a discounted price of 120 dirhams. ;Safety is of utmost importance, and all cars provided for the safari are insured. This ensures that you can embark on your adventure with peace of mind, knowing that necessary precautions are in place.


  • Extraordinary Desert Adventure.
  • Private Car for Your Group.
  • Option to Include Razor Brand Four-Wheel Drive Bicycles (RZR).
  • Family-Friendly.
  • Safety Precautions.
  • Discounted Price for Children Aged 2-10.
$165 /person
$33 /Children

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